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WCA_Green_2015Dreams Come True

Few people get to realize their dreams. For some it does come true, and thanks to our loyal customers, the dream for my mother and me has come to pass. Here is our story:

We started our cleaning business; my mother and I, with a vacuum, a mop, and some cleaning supplies. It was pretty meager to say the least!

Mom and I still reminisce about the ‘old days’ and how it was so different then. The scheduling was certainly simpler, and buying supplies was just a quick trip to the store. As you might guess from reading this story, a lot has changed!

Today, we have grown from that “mother and daughter” team into a “family” with a number of employees who provide quality cleaning services throughout the Bay Area. It hasn’t always been easy; no business is. But through the support and encouragement of our customers, we have been very pleased to see our business steadily grow in ways that we never thought possible.

We are immensely grateful to our customers, like you, who have given us the opportunity, support, and patience needed to grow in such a wonderful way.

Giving Back

In addition to providing home and office cleaning, we also support charitable causes with our services. Over the last few years we have been volunteers in the Cleaning For a Reason Foundation.

Through the foundation, we donate cleaning services to cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment so that they may concentrate on their recovery rather than on cleaning their home. Since joining Cleaning for a Reason we have helped numerous cancer patients keep their homes clean, and lighten their burden just a bit. Frankly, this is tremendously gratifying work for us. We have been able to be involved in the foundation’s work only because of your support of our normal services. Thank you!

My staff and I want to say “thank you” from the depths of our hearts for your continued support! It is only because of your patronage that we have been able to accomplish so much!

With our most sincere gratitude,

Nancy, Danny and the entire crew of Bay Area Pro Cleaning.

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